Pensions dashboard

Our vision is everyone making the most of their money and pensions. Part of this is knowing what pensions you have and how much is saved in them.

What’s a pensions dashboard?

A pensions dashboard is a digital interface that will enable people to see all their lifetime pension savings in one place. Government has committed to facilitating industry to develop this initiative, and have given specific responsibilities to MaPS as part of this work.

Read the full pensions dashboards feasibility report and consultation by the Department for Work and Pensions.

Our role in developing a pensions dashboard

Government has outlined our role, which includes:

  • appointing an independent chair who will appoint an independent steering group
  • convening and overseeing this independent steering group (made up of pension industry, financial technology, financial services and consumer representatives) to enable successful implementation of the project, and
  • creating a non-commercial dashboard.

The dashboard that we are working to create will be called the MaPS Dashboard.

Independent steering group

The Pensions Dashboards Industry Delivery Group has formed an independent steering group to lead the delivery of the initial phase of the pensions dashboards programme. Learn more and find out about how you can get involved with pensions dashboards.

Learn more about our appointment of the Principal of the Pensions Dashboards Industry Delivery Group, Chris Curry.

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